Grimsbu Turistsenter

Hiking opportunities in the Summer

Hiking path to the top of Kakell-kletten.

Marked with "K"
You start from the main road (R29 to Alvdal). Cross the bridge across the Kakella river, and then turn left up the road to Fatfjellsetrene. At the first crest you turn right. From the top you will enjoy a fantastic view over mountains and valleys! Return: halfway down the mountain you will come across a recently built forest road (road to Fatfjellsetrene) and you have to follow this road back home.
1 ½ time or more walk.

Hiking path to the Håneskletten.

Marked with "H"
The path starts at the exit behind cabin no 13. Go to the Kakella river. Follow the river for approx 2 km. Follow the red T/marks to the foot and continue up the hill to “Varden” (a lot of stones on top of each other of the mountain) where you have a view of Geitryggen. At the “varde” towards the top of Håneskletten you follow the marked road. Return: the same path back, or you can follow the mark G from the top in a north- easterly direction towards the birch woods and then downwards until you come across the red T path. Follow this path back home.
The walk takes 2 hours.

Hiking path to Vismannskletten/Storskarvola.

Marked with "V"
A very nice walk to the moss-covered mountain to the southeast. Turn right at the petrol station and cross the bridge across the river Folla. Continue up a little hill until you see the mark V. The path follows the road all the way to the top. Follow the same path back.
2 hours or more walk.

Hiking to Kroktjønna/Stormoegga Fritidspark

Turn right at the petrol station and cross the bridge across the river Folla. Turn right and follow the road to Lake Kroktjønna (1,5 km). Take the paths around the lake to Lake Rødtjønna and the road to Stormoegga Hoppanlegg (Stormoegga ski-Jumping hill). Take the left road from Stormoegga Hoppanlegg. After 500 meters take to theleft for Grimsbu and follow the old road back to Grimsbu.
2 hours or more walk..

Stormoegga cultural historical track.

The track is 9,8 kilometers long and starts and ends at Stormoegga jumping hill. The track includes 11 stations with posters giving information about the nature and the cultural historical attractions in the area.
3 hours or more walk..